Minigarden Vertical

The Minigarden Vertical is a modular vertical growing system for ornamental, aromatic or vegetable plants.

Its design is freestanding and self-draining and may be installed in indoor or outdoor living spaces.

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£ 49.95

Its greatest virtue is its modularity, which allows vertical gardens of any size to be designed and easily installed, opening the door to your creativity.

Minigarden VerticalAn enormous variety of small- to medium-sized plants may be sown or planted.

Each module in the Minigarden Vertical system is composed of just 3 types of easy-to-assembly part: a lid, a circular clip and a recipient with 3 sockets. Additionally, the system includes a base plate to collect any runoff of drainage water.

  • Height 57cm
  • Width 64,6cm
  • Depth 19cm
  • Weight 3,34kg
  • Material Polypropylene Moplen with UV protection
  • Warranty 3 years


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