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How to grow your own strawberries

This year, there’s no excuse for not growing strawberries at home — maintaining them is simple and you’ll get great fruits to make amazing dishes on those hot summer nights. Besides, there’s a big difference between shop bought and homegrown strawberries. Just try not to be scared about their little size: intense flavour comes in smaller packages.

The origins of Minigarden

It’s not easy to write about Minigarden’s story in just one post because its development didn’t happen overnight and took the help of many people, however, I’ll tell it how I experienced it. I believe you’ll find it interesting to learn how we finally achieved this brilliant, new way of planting that is set to revolutionise the way we look at urban gardening.

Chef Chakall

We found out that Chef Chakall is a fan of Minigarden. As we admire him and know his reputation as an advocate of a carefully balanced and healthy diet, we asked him why he chose our systems to create his kitchen garden right next to his kitchen counters.